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 Post Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2012 12:06 pm 

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I find many requests for technical help are initiated without the (technical) information needed to solve the problem.
Often, this information is lacking: the version of the OS; the model Mac; the version of whatever software is being discussed…

Clearly, the version of Mac OS X is important - especially now that there are several in common use. It is difficult to give the correct answer quickly, without knowing it.

Give some time and thought to your initial post; give us information with which to work.
You will receive an answer more quickly - and it is more likely to be the correct one.

And when you have solved the problem - whether or not with help from the forum - please come back and tell us what worked for you. Most people do anyway (and thank you for that), but posting the end result serves two useful purposes: First, people are much more likely to answer your next question if they know you appreciated their help; and, secondly, others performing a search on a topic will find out which method worked successfully.

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 Post Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 10:51 am 
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This forum is one of the most helpful I have ever found on the net. It has a tone and friendliness well above the majority, where so many other forums descend into grotesque slanging matches and there are some children who seem to take delight in insulting each other. That doesn't happen here very often.

The technical help section in particular is a favourite of mine, because I like helping people and I like solving problems, but sometimes it's painful trying to coax people into giving out information! If you have a problem and ask a question here, it's much more efficient if you can supply as much relevant information about your problem as you can to help us come up with some suggestions. Otherwise there has to be protracted question-and-answer sessions while information is extracted in dribs and drabs, this does not help us or help you.

It's difficult walking the tight-rope between education and insults on a forum where text communication doesn't help full social interchange, unfortunately. We don't know how much you already know, particularly if you are new member. What have you already tried? Tell us. Some people can take offence where none is implied or meant, but there you go, it's easy to get people's hackles up but really they should look with open eyes and not be so closed-minded.

Inpuut, Inpuuut!! We need input!

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 Post Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:30 pm 
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One way to ensure basic info is available - add details of your device(s) and OS to your signature. That way people just have to glance at your sig.

Just remember to update it when you get a new device.

For newcomers - to create a signature, go to the forum menu bar under the logo>User Control Panel>click on Profile in the left hand options menu>Edit Signature

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